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Theology made simple...not simplistic

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A Thin Line (Between Hmm... & Huh?)

Sci-fi, theology, and pop culture converge in this new series. Some of the discussion is deep and insightful. Some of it...not so much. But it's always fun. If you thought theology had to be boring, you'll need to check it out.

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Book Review: Raising Ephesus

A review of the excellent book, Raising Ephesus, by T E Hanna, which calls on the Church to once again become what it was meant to be.

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The Trinity and the One Thing That’s Hurting All Your Relationships

The Trinity is a more practical doctrine than we realize. Why, for example, do we make a mess of our relationships? God’s three-in-oneness gives us a clue.

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Why Sacrifice Is an Essential Part of the Christian Life

Sacrifice is an essential part of the Christian life. Isn’t there a way around that though? Not if we want to fulfill the purpose for which we were created.

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The Trinity: Does It Make a Difference?

Many fail to understand how the Trinity matters practically. As we’ll see, the Trinity matters because it explains why our faith is so relational.

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5 Takeaways from Our Discussion on God So Far

We’ve spent several weeks discussing what God is like. In any lengthy discussion, it’s easy to lose sight of the major points. So here are 5 key takeaways.

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